Sunday, March 23, 2014

Party: Minnie Mouse Oreos (or Mickey Mouse)

I was helping my friend with making Minnie Mouse oreo cookies for her daughter's birthday. They were super cute. Need to share with the world.

There are many more examples all over the internet with dipping the oreo, putting more embellishments, etc. You can put them on a stick and do a flower pot of mouse ears. We did simple ones.

Minnie (or Mickey) Mouse Oreo Cookies
Prep Time: Depends on how many you are making
Oreo Cookies
Mini Oreos (for the mouse ears)
frosting (any kind since it's just a little for 'glue')

You open the oreo. Remove some frosting so that the ears fit on both sides. After placing the ears in, sandwich back the oreo. That's it.

For embellishment, we used Wilton's Big Hearts to create a bow. Stick the hearts on with the frosting using the toothpick. Done!

Here's another fun way to decorate. I made pink chocolate bows with Wilton Candy Melt in the light pink color. Stuck these with frosting too.

You can also have Mickey and Minnie.

Be creative!! 

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