Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fresh Santa Barbara Uni (Sea Urchin)

On a recent mini-vacation to Santa Barbara, we biked to the pier to Santa Barbara Fish Market to try fresh uni!!

It was the first time we have seen the sea urchin cleaning. They sell it for $5.95 per pound. The sea urchin is weighed. Ours came out to be a pound. Then the cleaning began.

The shucking tool was used to create a hole in the center. The uni is turned upside down. Guts flew out. It was pretty disgusting. I did not take pictures of the guts. With a large knife, the uni was cut in half. Working with the halves, the shucking tool helped scoop the uni from its shell. A container is filled with water and ice. The uni pieces were placed in the cold water to wash the rest of the guts off.

Our one pound live sea urchin turned into five pieces of sweet, fresh uni ready to enjoy...

This was the sweetest uni I've ever tasted!!  FRESHEST and SWEETEST!!! =)
(Click on the picture for a larger view.)

On a side note, we ordered these gigantic oysters too. Hope Ranch Oysters were local oysters that they were charging only $1.09 each. Such a great deal since they chose good ones for us that were six inches long and 1.5 inch wide. WOW..

Now, that was a delicious afternoon snack!!!  =)

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