Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pictures from my Backyard...

It has been a warm summer in Southern California. Previously, I had removed tons of daffodil bulbs.  They were everywhere.  Planted some things in its place.  In mid-January, I planted some tulips which usually are to be planted in late-nov or december but my mom gave them to me since her soil was too hard this winter.  After a very short five weeks, these were the first of them to bloom...

A view of some rocks and decorations in my backyard.

For anyone who is curious about the status of my herbs that I tried planting from seed, here they are sprouting..

The area on the top left with the dirt was supposed to sprout chives. The basil and parsley sprouts are pictured above.

Here is another interesting tidbit..  Last year, I planted some tulips just anywhere since I just wanted to get the bulbs in the ground.  They bloomed.  Well, the area is pretty shady and we don't water it either. But this time around magically, the one tulip from last year became three!!  Take a look..

Happy spring time!!!  My favorite season...bright colors, more daylight, happiness all around... ;)

Don't forget that Daylight Savings comes early (about 5 weeks this time)...March 11, 2012 @2am.  We spring forward this weekend. Woo-hoo!! 


  1. What kind of soil did you use to plant your herbs? I'm planning to plant some basil and I have no idea what soil to use. I don't know anything about gardening! :)

  2. I bought the herb kit from Lowe's. The soil comes with the kit with the seeds and instructions. (It is easy. You fluff the compacted soil with warm water in a bucket.) You should come over to be my gardening helper. ;)